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1860 Census of
Adams County, Iowa


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1860 Census of Adams County, IA
transcribed by Larry Kinyon

There are 41 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Unknown First Letter

*atton, Edward
*atton, Mary
*atton, Mary
*atton, Thomas
*atton, William
*atton, William



Abe, Auguste
Abe, Auguste
Abe, Theodore
Alandge, Charles H
Alandge, Mary A
Alandge, Nancy
Alandge, Ruben
Allen, Benjamin
Allen, Calista
Allen, James F
Anignott, Humbert
Ankeny, Fostina H.
Ankeny, Henry G
Antill, John
Antill, Mary J
Antill, William
Arthur, Albert W
Arthur, David O
Arthur, Emma L
Arthur, John
Arthur, Martha



Baldwin, Amanda
Baldwin, Lemuel C
Baldwin, Marrietta
Baldwin, Minerva
Baldwin, Stephen
Balwin, Joseph G
Bardick, Albert
Baream, John W
Barker, Clarra
Barker, Elizabeth
Barker, George
Barker, Jemima
Barker, Malaki
Barker, Milten
Barker, Richard
Barnes, Almeron
Barnett, Elizabeth
Barnett, John
Beam, Mary M
Beath, Elmira
Beath, Joseph
Beath, Julia E
Beringer, Elisabeth
Beringer, Harrison
Biggs, Albert R
Biggs, Amanda
Biggs, Emeline
Biggs, Francis M
Biggs, Nancy A
Biggs, Noah
Biggs, William H
Bixby, Harriet
Bixby, John
Bixby, John W
Bixby, Mary
Bixby, Warren
Bixler, Barbara E
Bixler, Burr F
Bixler, Elisabeth *

Bixler, Harriet J
Bixler, Jackson
Bixler, Jacob
Bixler, Jacob
Bixler, John
Bixler, Joseph
Bixler, Lydia
Bixler, Margaret
Bixler, Margarett
Bixler, Mary A
Bixler, Mary L
Bixler, Robert A
Bixler, Sevilla A
Bixler, William
Blanch, Victor
Bodkin, Benjamin
Bodkin, Isaac
Bodkin, Martin
Booth, Elias
Boswell, Albert
Boswell, Albert J
Boswell, Garland
Boswell, Joseph G

Boswell, Margarett A
Boswell, Martha A
Boswell, Mary Jane
Boswell, Sarrah
Boswell, William H
Bristow, Catharine
Bristow, Charlotte
Bristow, Gideon
Bristow, Henry C
Bristow, James W
Bristow, Martha
Brower, Allice
Brower, Mary
Brower, Mary
Brower, William L
Brumme, Micheal
Buell, Abraham
Buell, Daniel
Buell, Mary
Bugby, Sherman H.
Burdick, Hester M
Burgan, Elmore G
Burgan, Margarett
Burgan, Mary
Burgan, Orrin
Burlingham, Hopkins
Busby, Jane Ann
Busby, Minnina E
Busby, Robert F
Busby, William C
Busby, William W
Busch, James
Busch, James
Busch, Nancy
Busch, Silestes
Byers, Matilda



Caiolle, Gensior P
Caiolle, Jean
Caiolle, Nalmise
Caiolle, Pierrie
Cambell, Abel J
Cambell, Albert W
Cambell, Benjamin W
Cambell, Delila A
Cambell, Elisabeth
Cambell, Elmira E
Cambell, Harriet
Cambell, Henry R
Cambell, Horace B
Cambell, James P
Cambell, Martha
Cambell, Mary
Cambell, Mary
Cambell, Mary R
Cambell, Rufus E
Cambell, Sarah M
Cambell, William
Case, Francis M
Case, Isaiah
Case, Louisa
Case, Martha A
Case, Mary
Case, Moses
Case, Nancy J
Case, Nettie A
Case, Oliver B
Case, Rachel P
Case, Rebecca
Case, Rida J
Case, Robert
Caviles, Robert
Chamberlain, P. P.
Chamberlain, Sarah A
Chancy, John
Childs, Amasa
Childs, Emma M
Childs, Eva F
Childs, Mary E
Childs, Sarah
Clark, Caroline V.
Clark, Elisabeth A
Clark, Frank
Clark, H. B.
Clark, Melissa J
Clark, Mellissa
Clark, Sarah R
Clark, Solona
Claudy, Colteron
Claudy, Hufrolite
Claudy, Lionie
Claudy, Louise
Claudy, Louise
Colins, Catharine
Colins, Elizabeth
Colins, Emily C
Colins, Frank M
Colins, Mahala J
Colins, Marion F
Colins, Mary M
Colins, Olive H
Colins, Orine W
Colvin, Elcy I
Colvin, Henry L
Colvin, John H
Colvin, John W
Colvin, Thomas S
Confrey, Desire
Confrey, Henrietta
Cowels, Au*entte
Cowels, Joseph E
Craft, David
Craft, Sarah
Craft, Susan J
Craig, Jane
Craig, Walter
Crane, Arinthe E
Crane, Huldah
Crane, Mary F
Crane, Mary J
Crane, Sylvester
Crane, Theodore F
Crane, William B
Crawford, A. K.
Crawford, Florence E.
Crawford, John H.
Crawford, Sarah
Crone, Abraham
Crone, Harriet
Crone, Luke
Crow, Elisabeth
Crow, George
Crow, Harriet
Crow, Isaac
Crow, John
Crow, Marsilva
Crow, Nancy F
Crow, Phebe
Crow, William



Davis, Anna
Davis, Belle
Davis, Daniel A
Davis, Francis M
Davis, Frank M.
Davis, George A
Davis, George W
Davis, James
Davis, James P
Davis, John C
Davis, John H
Davis, Julia O
Davis, Martha
Davis, Oliver B
Davis, Rachel E
Davis, Sarah
Davis, Sarah A
Davis, Stephen F

Davis, T H
Davis, Thomas C
Davis, William F
Davis, William H
Decuilla, Aaile
Decuilla, Aaile
Decuilla, Auguste
Dees, James
Dees, John
Dees, Mary C
Dees, Sarah J
Dees, Simeon
Dees, Simeon
Dees, William
Deming, Anna E
Deming, Hulda

Deming, Mansfield
Deming, Mary Belle
Dillinger, Henry
Dillon, Thomas
Donolly, Ann
Donoly, Damrais
Donoly, William
Dorthet, Sarah
Dougherty, Samuel
Douthet, Allen
Douthet, Isabelle
Drew, John
Drew, Mathew
Drew, Susan



Elliott, Isiah
Elliott, Josiah
Elliott, Polly
Elliott, William
Ellis, Alden P
Ellis, Jesse
Ellis, Joseph L
Ellis, Therese M
Ellis, Walter M
Ennis, Elisabeth
Ennis, George
Ennis, Joseph
Ennis, Lavina
Ennis, Susana
Ennis, Thomas
Ennis, William
Ennis, William
Ennis, William P
Eperly, Elmira J
Eperly, Fleming
Eperly, George M
Eperly, Lydia L
Eperly, Mary E
Evans, Adaliza
Evans, Adeline
Evans, Dorliska
Evans, Elisabeth
Evans, Eliza J
Evans, Henry H
Evans, Hetty J
Evans, Jacob A
Evans, James M
Evans, Lucinda
Evans, Marretta
Evans, Mary E
Evans, Matilda E
Evans, Morgan G
Evans, Polly E
Evans, Rebecca
Evans, Viola E
Evans, William R
Evans, William S



Farris, Eliza Ann
Farris, Gideon
Farris, Harrison
Farris, William
Fees, Anna
Fees, Elisabeth
Fees, Isaiah
Fees, Jacob
Fees, John
Fees, Mary
Findly, David
Fletcher, Thomas
Fording, H****rly A
Fording, Margaret
Fortnier, Mary L
Foulard, Aaile
Foulard, Joseph
Freshover, Elisabeth
Freshover, Francis M
Freshover, George
Freshover, Henrietta J.
Freshover, Lydia Ann
Freshover, William
Frost, Louis H
Fry, Lewis
Fry, Lewis
Fry, Louisa
Fry, Mary
Fry, O*aella
Fry, Sarah E



George, Ann
George, Arvilla E
George, B F
George, Caroline
George, Elizabeth
George, Henrietta
George, Hiram
George, James B
George, Rebecca J
George, Sarah J
George, Solomon
George, William
George, William W
Gerard, Avsone
Gilber, Demmarras
Gilber, Elijah
Gilber, Jesse
Gilber, John H
Gilber, Martha
Gilber, Mary E
Gilber, Mary M
Gilber, Ruth
Gilber, Sarah J
Gilber, Susan
Gilbert, Anna
Gilbert, Charles L
Gilbert, David W
Gilbert, Delilia
Gilbert, Joshua S
Gilbert, Richard
Gilbert, Susan L
Gillenvatter, A. J.
Gillenvatter, Alsina
Gillenvatter, Jane
Gillenvatter, Josephine
Gladsen, Elmira
Gladsen, Frank
Gladsen, Marion G
Glahss, John
Glover, Eliza J
Glover, M. P.
Gordon, Anna M
Gordon, Auther B
Gordon, David
Gordon, Lydia A
Gordon, Nelson C
Gordon, Thursay L
Gosridge, Hiram
Gouvaine, Aaile
Gouvaine, Anthony
Gouvaine, Auguste
Gouvaine, Eujeine
Gouvaine, Eujenia
Gouvaine, Julia
Gouvaine, Leon
Gouvaine, Leonce
Graham, Cameron
Graham, Florence
Graham, Lewella
Graham, Lewis W
Graham, Setney
Graham, Walter A
Grant, George
Gusbaum, Elisabeth
Gusbaum, H. S.
Gusbaum, Susanna R
Gustave, Louenfire
Guthridge, Belle
Guthridge, Darius J
Guthridge, Darius J
Guthridge, Elisabeth
Guthridge, Emma
Guthridge, Kate
Guthridge, Lycurgus
Guthridge, Margarette
Guthridge, Mary



Haagabom, Don A
Haagabom, Emma
Haagabom, Eveline
Hager, Jean
Hall, Ths.
Hamilton, Amada E
Hamilton, Edwin P
Hamilton, Francis
Hamilton, James H
Hamilton, John
Hamilton, Mary E
Hamilton, Mary F
Hamilton, Oliver
Hamilton, William
Hamilton, William
Hanna, James E
Hanna, John M
Hanna, John P
Hanna, Judith
Hanna, Margaret M
Hanna, Sarah
Hanna, William
Hanna, William
Harader, Ami
Harader, Catharine
Harader, Christian
Harader, David
Harader, Isaac
Harader, Jacob
Harader, John L
Harader, John W
Harader, Margarett
Harader, Martha
Harader, Mary
Harader, Mary A
Harader, Mary E
Harader, Minerva
Harader, Nancy I
Harader, Quinton
Harader, Samuel
Harader, Sander
Harader, Sarah
Harader, Sarah A
Harader, Susan
Harden, Alirn
Harden, Clifford
Harden, Hannah
Harden, Thomas
Hardesty, George
Hardesty, Jasper
Hardesty, Louisa
Hardesty, Mariah
Hardesty, Nancy C.
Hardesty, Samuel
Hardesty, Solomon
Hardesty, Thomas
Hargrave, Richard
Harlow, A. S.
Harlow, Ada
Harlow, Ann B
Harlow, Ann N
Harlow, Elisabeth
Harlow, Elisabeth
Harlow, Elisabeth
Harlow, Eveline
Harlow, Fanny
Harlow, Febe
Harlow, George W
Harlow, Hiram
Harlow, Hiram W
Harlow, Isaac
Harlow, James W
Harlow, John
Harlow, Lucy
Harlow, Lycurgus
Harlow, Lydia A
Harlow, Martha
Harlow, Martha J
Harlow, Merryman
Harlow, Napoleon B
Harlow, Nevada
Harlow, Walker B
Harlow, William J
Harriman, Margarette A.
Harriman, Sarah Ann
Harriman, W. H.
Hart, Belinda
Hart, Catharine M
Hart, D**ey
Hart, Daniel D
Hart, Ezra
Hart, George B
Hart, John W
Hart, Jonas D
Hart, Kate W
Hart, Lucy Ann
Hart, Martin L
Hart, Susan
Haskinson, A. J.
Haskinson, Frank
Haskinson, Mary Ann
Haskinson, Millerd F
Haskinson, Sarah
Haskinson, Susan L
Hatch, Catharine
Hatch, Charles H
Hatch, Huldah A
Hatch, Lilly May
Hays, Charles
Hays, Elisabeth
Hays, Jane
Hays, Scott
Hays, Thomas
Hays, Wilbern
Hays, William H
Hazeltine, Abbey S
Hazeltine, Laura E
Hazeltine, M. J.
Hazeltine, Martha H
Hazeltine, Mary A
Heckerthorn, John
Henry, Elisabeth
Henry, Ellen M
Henry, John
Henry, Louis
Henry, Martha V
Henry, Nancy
Henry, Robert J
Henry, William L
Henton, Caroline
Henton, James W
Henton, John
Henton, Sarah
Hermbert, Catharine
Hermbert, Francis
Hermbert, John
Hermbert, Peter
Hermbert, Sebastian
Hineman, John S.
Hineman, Lucretia
Hineman, Mary
Hineman, Stephen B
Hineman, William M
Hite, George W
Hoffman, Amelia
Hoffman, Fredrie
Holabrook, Edith J
Holabrook, Eliza Jane
Holabrook, J. R.
Holabrook, John Q. A.
Holabrook, Margaret E
Holabrook, Mary Ann M

Homan, Barbara E
Homan, Caroline
Homan, Edmund
Homan, Edmund W
Homan, Jacob
Homan, James W
Homan, John L
Homan, Joseph N
Homan, Joseph R
Homan, Laura Jane
Homan, Lewis W
Homan, Louisa
Homan, Mark
Homan, Melissa
Homan, Nancy J
Homan, Robert S
Homan, Theressa A
Homan, Tinipiranu M
Homan, Westley
Homan, Westly
Homan, William
Hoskins, George E
Hoskins, Joseph
Hoskins, Sarah
Hoskins, Sophia A
Hoskins, William H
Houck, Albert
Houck, Bennett
Houck, Ernestine
Houck, Francis
Houck, Henry
Houck, John
Houck, John
Houck, Joseph
Houck, Mary A
Houck, William
Howard, Jeremiah
Howbert, Allice
Howbert, Edgar
Howbert, Irene
Howbert, Irving
Howbert, Martha
Howbert, William
Howbert, William F
Hubbard, A. P.
Hunter, Alcee A.
Hunter, Alma A
Hunter, David P.
Hunter, James H
Hunter, Jesse F
Hunter, John
Hunter, John
Hunter, Mary Ann
Hunter, Polly A
Hunter, Sarah
Hunter, Uriah
Huntington, Ann
Huntington, George
Huntington, John
Huntington, Lewis
Huntington, Martha
Huntington, Sylvester
Hutchins, Solomon



Ingersoll, Christopher C
Ingersoll, Garrett F
Ingersoll, James
Ingersoll, James M
Ingersoll, Kansas O
Ingersoll, Martha M
Ingersoll, Susan S
Ireland, Elisabeth
Ireland, John
Ireland, Rachel
Ireland, Ruena
Ireland, Susan



James, Adner
James, Emilie
James, Francoise
James, Llurese
James, Maria
Jeffry, Alexander O
Jeffry, Allen
Jeffry, George M
Jeffry, James O
Jeffry, John A
Jeffry, Lewis J
Jeffry, Marcillia J
Jeffry, Parmita J
Jeffry, Rebecca
Jeffry, Rebecca
Jeffry, William P
Jewett, Adella F
Jewett, John
Jewett, John Q
Jewett, Nancy
Jewett, Olliver P
Jewett, Sarah J
Jones , A. C.
Jones, Alice
Jones , Barnett
Jones, Cora G
Jones, Cynthia M
Jones, Eli A
Jones, Elisabeth
Jones, Emma F
Jones, Ezekiel
Jones, George
Jones, John W
Jones , John W
Jones, Leptha
Jones, Luke R
Jones, Mark
Jones , Marth S
Jones, Martha
Jones, Mary A.
Jones, Mathew G
Jones, Nelson
Jones, Rachel
Jones, Rebecca
Jones, William



Kennoya, Rosanna
Kerns, Allen
Kerns, David
Kerns, Elisabeth A
Kerns, George W
Kerns, Mary Jane
Kerns, Melissa
Kerns, Polly
Kerns, Rachel
Kerns, Rebecca
Kilgore, Columbus
Kilgore, Henry
Kilgore, Manford
Kilgore, Melinda A
Kinser, Henry S
Kinser, John
Kinser, Rebecca
Kinser, William A
Knolla, Engeline
Knolla, Engeline S
Knolla, Henry
Knolla, Mary
Knolla, William
Kresinger, William
Kridelbaugh, A. J.
Kridelbaugh, Elcy I
Kridelbaugh, John J
Kridelbaugh, Mahala
Kridelbaugh, Mary C
Kridelbaugh, Mary E
Kridelbaugh, William



Larimer, Adaline
Larimer, Ann
Larimer, Edgar
Larimer, Ellis
Larimer, Flora
Larimer, John
Larimer, Mary
Larimer, Mary
Larimer, Nancy
Larimer, Samuel
Larimer, William W
Lawrence, Adie
Lawrence, Barbara E
Lawrence, Clark D
Lawrence, Content M
Lawrence, Elisabeth
Lawrence, Ella
Lawrence, Elsina
Lawrence, Ester
Lawrence, Frinsilla
Lawrence, George L
Lawrence, Harriet E
Lawrence, J. H
Lawrence, Joseph W
Lawrence, Lucina
Lawrence, Lydia L
Lawrence, Margaret
Lawrence, Martha E
Lawrence, Mary A
Lawrence, Orrin
Lawrence, Patienc B
Lawrence, Perry
Lawrence, Peter K
Lawrence, Phebe R
Lawrence, Sarah
Lawrence, Thomas
Lawrence, Zachariah
Lawrence, Zachariah
Lefete, Achilli
Lockwood, Clara
Lockwood, Mary E
Lockwood, William
Longfellow, M F
Lounier, Armaise
Lounier, Jean
Lounier, Louise
Lounier, Lucien
Lursine, Agathe
Lursine, Constant



Mack, Allice C
Mack, John A
Mack, Lamansas F
Mack, Mary J
Mack, Perry
Mack, Sarah
Mack, Sarah J
Mack, William
Magnus, Isaac
Magnus, Jane M
Mansfield, Anna A
Mansfield, Anna J
Mansfield, Daniel
Mansfield, Daniel W
Mansfield, Delilah
Mansfield, John M
Mansfield, John M
Mansfield, Levi F
Mansfield, Mary E
Mansfield, Robert
Mansfield, Robert M
Mansfield, Sarah E
Mansfield, William M
Marshall, Charles N
Marshall, Joseph
Marshall, Joseph W
Marshall, Mahala
Marshall, Mary
Marshall, Mary P
Marshall, Nancy J
Mathews, Catharine
Mathews, David S
Mathews, Eduard
Mathews, Edward
Mathews, Elizabeth
Mathews, Elizabeth J
Mathews, Harriett
Mathews, Isaac R
Mathews, John E
Mathews, Littleton
Mathews, Littleton
Mathews, Lucy R
Mathews, Lydia J
Mathews, Mary
Mathews, Sarah J
Mathews, Seneth I
Mathiew, Annette
Mathiew, Emma
Mathiew, Julette
Mathiew, Louis
Mayerhoff, John F
Mayerhoff, John H
Mayerhoff, John H
Mayerhoff, Laura
McCaskey, Alfred S
McCaskey, Clarence E
McCaskey, Elida F
McCaskey, James
McCaskey, Joy
McCauley, Allice
McCauley, Catharine
McCauley, Frank B
McCauley, James
McClelland, Elisabeth
McClelland, Elisabeth
McClelland, James D
McClelland, John
McClelland, Margaret
McClelland, Paul D
McClelland, Paul M
McClelland, Sarah C
McClelland, Synthia
McCord, A. L.
McCracken, John H
McCracken, Minie
McCracken, Sallie L
McMahan, Elizabeth
McMahan, Susan
McMillen, Anna F.
McMillen, Samson
Megen, Silas
Meinder, Jean
Miller, Amanda
Miller, Amanda
Miller, Branch
Miller, Branch
Miller, Charles
Miller, Daniel
Miller, Eliza
Miller, Ellen
Miller, James
Miller, James
Miller, Mahlon
Miller, Martha
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary A
Miller, Mary Ann
Miller, McKensie W
Miller, Milten E
Miller, Ora
Miller, Orlando
Miller, Sarah
Miller, Sarrah C
Miller, William
Miller, William F
Miller, William R
Molas, Andrew J
Molas, Margaret A
Molas, Mariah S
Molas, Tohmas K
Moore, Abe
Moore, Alphonso
Moore, Benjamin
Moore, James H
Moore, James H
Moore, John H
Moore, Margaret J
Moore, Melissa
Moore, Merdith
Moore, Olive J
Moore, Polly Ann
Moore, Rebecca J
Moore, Robert A
Moore, Samuel
Moore, Samuel
Moore, Samuel S
Moore, Sarah Ann
Moore, Sarah Ellen
Moore, Winfield
Moreton, Amy
Moreton, Caroline
Moreton, Catharine
Moreton, Edmund
Moreton, Elisabeth
Moreton, Emily
Moreton, Jane
Moreton, John
Moreton, John
Moreton, Joshua
Moreton, Mary
Moreton, Mary
Moreton, Moses
Moreton, Phebe
Moreton, Sarah
Moreton, Silas
Moreton, William
Morot, Antoinette
Morot, Eujene
Morot, Louise
Morris, Artemisa
Morris, Celia
Morris, Edward
Morris, George
Morris, Ida
Morris, John W
Morris, Mary
Morris, Robert
Mourot, Eujene
Mum, E. N.
Myers, Anna C
Myers, Elizabeth
Myers, George
Myers, George J
Myers, Hannah
Myers, Henry
Myers, Hiram
Myers, Isaac M.
Myers, Jabez H
Myers, Jacob
Myers, James W
Myers, Jane
Myers, Johnathan
Myers, Lewis
Myers, Lydia M
Myers, Marien B
Myers, Martha
Myers, Mary
Myers, Mary E
Myers, Mary F
Myers, Nancy J.
Myers, Noah
Myers, Samuel
Myers, Samuel
Myers, Samuel
Myers, Sarah
Myers, Sarah
Myers, Sarah E
Myers, Susanna
Myers, William
Myers, William H



Neal, Benjamin
Neal, Elisabeth
Neal, Roseabella
Neill, Ellen M
Neill, Emma
Neill, Henry
Neill, Ida
Neill, John
Neill, John
Neill, Julias
Neill, Lucinda
Neill, Samuel
Neisillard, Eloi
Neisillard, Emma
Neisillard, Ferdinand
Newcomb, Achsah
Newcomb, Benjamin B
Newcomb, Effie E
Newcomb, H. C.
Newcomb, Harvey
Newcomb, Henry W
Newcomb, Hiram H
Newcomb, Horace
Newcomb, James M
Newcomb, Susan
Newcomb, Wm John
Niles, Appollas M
Niles, Elisabeth
Niles, Elisabeth J
Niles, James A
no surname listed, Richard
Nolan, Abel A
Nolan, Henry C
Nolan, Margarett
Nolan, Mary Jane
Nolan, William H
Norman, A M
Norman, Fredrick
Norman, Julia



Odell, Allice
Odell, Betha
Odell, Eli
Odell, Fanny A
Odell, Frances
Odell, Ga**ir N
Odell, Homer J
Odell, Huldah
Odell, Hunter F
Odell, Lydia A
Odell, Martha J
Odell, Noah N
Odell, Solomon
Odell, Truman
Osborn, David E
Osborn, Jennette J
Osborn, John B
Osborn, John P
Osborn, Lousa Ann
Osborn, Neri F
Osborn, Paulina E
Osborn, Paulina R
Osborn, William L



Pahan, Pierrie
Pain, Catharine
Pain, Henry C
Parcher, Ann
Parcher, Delancy
Parcher, Lyman
Parcher, Lyman
Parminter, Irving
Parminter, Jane
Parsons, Alzina
Parsons, Fredrick
Parsons, Jane
Parsons, John B.J.P.E.W.
Parsons, Johnathan
Parsons, Martha E
Parsons, Mary A.
Parsons, Richard
Parsons, Steven Y
Parsons, Susanna
Parsons, William
Penfield, Homer
Penfield, Martha
Penfield, Norman
Peregrine, Amand
Peregrine, Catharine
Peregrine, Charles S
Peregrine, Elisabeth
Peregrine, Ella Jane
Peregrine, George R
Peregrine, John S
Peregrine, Joseph
Petersen, Anna N
Petersen, George
Petersen, John D
Petersen, Mary C
Petersen, Samuel F
Petersen, Sarah
Petersen, Sarah E
Petersen, Wm M
Peterson, David
Peterson, H. H.
Phineas, Anna
Phineas, Charlotte
Phineas, Gregory
Pierce, Georgiana
Pierce, Ruth
Pin, Maiaa
Pomroy, Dougal C
Pomroy, Nancy S
Pomroy, Sarah A
Pomroy, William
Powell, Elisabeth
Powell, Ezekiel H
Powell, Francina
Powell, George C
Powell, Harrison H
Powell, Henrietta C.
Powell, Joel F
Powell, John C
Powell, Marion F
Powell, Nancy
Powell, Sarah E
Powell, Wilber f
Powell, William
Prater, Cyrus
Prater, Elbert C
Prater, Elisabeth
Prater, Francis C
Prater, George W
Prater, John J
Prater, Madison S
Prater, Margaret E
Prater, Mary Jane
Prater, Pleasant
Prater, William H
Prather, Louisa P
Prickel, Anna E. A.
Prickel, Catharine
Prickel, Daniel F
Prickel, Henry K
Prickel, John W
Prickel, Levi
Prickel, Levi E
Prickel, Rachel L
Prickel, Thomas B
Prickett, Allice K
Prickett, Hannah E
Prickett, Isaac P
Prickett, Mary M E
Prickett, Sarah



Querry, Elmira
Querry, James
Querry, Louisa
Querry, Martilla
Querry, Matilda
Querry, Oliver
Querry, Oree
Querry, Spencer
Query, Fransis A
Query, Henry
Query, Jackson
Query, John W
Query, Rachel
Query, Sarah C.
Query, Susan
Query, William



Raaick, David
Raaick, William
Raguet, Carrie
Raguet, Carrie
Raguet, Charles
Raguet, Ella G
Raguet, Lewellen
Raioson, A. A.
Raioson, H. C.
Ramsay, Alexder
Ramsay, Anna E
Ramsay, Charles H
Ramsay, John N
Ramsay, Mary E
Ramsay, Mary L
Ramsay, Millie Jane
Ramsay, Walker
Reese, Henry
Reese, Henry
Reese, Sophia
Register, Ida
Register, Lucina
Register, Mary
Register, Nancy
Register, Phebe
Register, Rose
Richey, Antoinette
Richey, Daniel
Richey, Harry
Richey, Josephine
Richey, Margaret
Richey, Margarett
Richey, Martha
Richey, Martha
Richey, Milten
Richie, Charles
Richie, Elizabeth E.
Richie, L. V.
Richie, Mary J
Richie, Sarah A.
Richie, Sarah J
Rigg, Adeline
Rigg, Charles B
Rigg, John F
Rigg, Mary A
Rigg, Sarah
Rigg, Silas
Roberts, Daniel
Roberts, Lewis D
Roberts, Sarrah
Roberts, William W
Robinson, Calvin
Robinson, Frank
Robinson, Jeptha C
Robinson, Joseph C
Robinson, Margaret
Robinson, Polly A
Rodeheaver, H S
Rodeheaver, Hester A
Runion, Hugh
Russell, Aloin J
Russell, Aloni
Russell, C. V. B.
Russell, Charles A
Russell, Eliza Jane
Russell, George W
Russell, James M
Russell, Lucinda
Russell, Mary E
Russell, Nancy



Sawyer, Catharine
Sawyer, Edwin
Schooling, Caroline
Schooling, Felix
Schooling, Joseph
Schooling, Lenora
Schooling, Martha
Schooling, Mary
Schooling, Robt H
Schooling, Ruben
Schooling, Susan
Schooling, William
Scott, David
Scott, Emma
Scott, Fanny
Scott, George
Scott, George
Scott, Jane
Scott, John T
Scott, Joseph
Scott, Margaret
Scott, Margaret
Scott, Milten C
Scott, Rebecca
Scott, Sallie
Scott, Tracy
Shaffer, Henry J
Shay, John
Shea, Abigal
Shea, Caroline
Shea, Daniel
Shea, Henry
Shea, John
Shea, Laura
Shea, Sarah
Sheppard, Delia
Sheppard, Phineas
Sheppard, Thimothy
Sherman, Margaret E.
Sherman, Thomas
Shields, Charels A
Shields, Charles C
Shields, Joseph M
Shields, Mariah H
Shields, Mary Jane
Shields, Roda A
Shields, William A
Shields, William H
Slater, Alexander
Slater, Woods
Smith, Amanda M
Smith, Andrew S
Smith, Benjamin F
Smith, Edmund
Smith, Edwin Allen
Smith, Elmira
Smith, Hannah
Smith, Hannah E
Smith, Isabella
Smith, Jacob
Smith, James F
Smith, James J
Smith, James W.
Smith, John
Smith, John H
Smith, John H
Smith, John W
Smith, Joseph R
Smith, Lewis
Smith, Mary A
Smith, Mary E
Smith, Matilda J
Smith, Minerva A
Smith, Moses
Smith, Rachel
Smith, Rhoda
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Tripp
Smith, William L
Smurr, Hugh A
Smurr, John S
Smurr, Margaret
Smurr, Marilla
Smurr, Solomon
Snyder, Eleanor
Snyder, Elisabeth
Snyder, Frank H
Snyder, Hannah
Snyder, Mark
Snyder, Peter
Snyder, Sylvester
Southall, Alice Mary
Southall, Andrew
Southall, Lucy
Southall, Lucy M
Southall, Nancy
Southall, Samuel
Southall, Thomas
Stephens, Cary
Stephens, Eliza A
Stephens, Francis
Stephens, Ira
Stephens, Lirissa
Stephenson, B. O.
Stephenson, Mary L
Stephenson, Purcis F. E.
Stephenson, Ruben
Stuart, Ada F
Stuart, Andrew J
Stuart, John
Stuart, Louisa
Sueatman, Amanda
Sueatman, Charlotte
Sueatman, Frank J
Sueatman, Jenette
Sueatman, Martilla
Sueatman, Mary
Sueatman, Millard



Tainey, Julia
Tainey, Melissa
Tainey, Musgrow W
Tainey, Sarah L
Tarr, Joseph
Tarr, Susan
Thomas, Abraham
Thomas, Abraham
Thomas, Amos
Thomas, Catharine
Thomas, Daniel
Thomas, Francina
Thomas, Franklin
Thomas, Isaac I
Thomas, Isabel
Thomas, Isabel
Thomas, Lewis
Thomas, Phillip
Thomas, Solomon
Thompson, Andrew J
Thompson, Arabella
Thompson, Elisabeth
Thompson, Eliza A
Thompson, Francis M
Thompson, James A
Thompson, Jane
Thompson, John J
Thompson, John L
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Mary Ann
Thompson, Mathew A
Thompson, Sarah
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, Thomas J
Thompson, Winfield S
Tompkins, Charles
Tracy, Adele
Tracy, James B
Tracy, Lucretia
Tracy, Margaret J
Tracy, Mariah
Tracy, Thomas
Tracy, Thomas
Trippett, Catharine
Trippett, Homer C
Trippett, Ida D
Trippett, Waightman
Trippett, William B
Tucker, Andrew R
Tucker, Anna
Tucker, David
Tucker, Erastus
Tucker, John P M
Tucker, Lewis
Tucker, Morten L
Tucker, Phelix W
Tucker, Samuel G
Tucker, Sarah A
Tucker, William H


U - V

Vanier, Louise
Vannun, no first name
Verden, Ellen E
Verden, Lousa G
Verden, Martha M
Verden, Milten
Verden, Nancy
Verden, Walter
Verden, William H



W**in, Clarence L
W**in, Emma M
W**in, John W
W**in, Rebecca
W**in, Westly
Walker, Elisabeth
Walker, Emily
Walker, Ferdinand
Walker, Henry
Walker, Hester
Walker, James
Walker, Thomas J
Walter, Elijah
Walter, George
Walter, Isaac
Walter, Mariah
Walter, Marion
Walter, Nancy
Walter, Rena
Walter, Sanford
Walter, Sylva
Walter, Wiley
Warren, Harrison
Warren, John F
Warren, Morgan
Warren, Sarah Jane
Warren, Scott R
Waters, B. J.
Waters, Mattie G
Waugh, Abraham
Waugh, Ann C
Waugh, Ellen
Waugh, Frank G
Webber, John P
Webber, Margaret J
Webber, Sarah J
Welch, Armasetto A
Welch, Artemus E
Welch, Aurther D
Welch, Charles A
Welch, Claudius A.
Welch, Elmira
Welch, Henry D
Welch, Sarah F
Welington, Horace
Welington, Jane E
Welington, John L
Welington, John L
Welington, Mary A
Whipple, David
Whipple, Edgar D
Whipple, Elanor
Whipple, Emeline D
Whipple, Etoille A
Whipple, Eugene D
Whipple, George A
Whipple, Graham C
Whipple, Horace
Whipple, J. C.
Whipple, Joseph
Whipple, Lydia Ann
Whipple, Mary A
Whipple, William
White, Alfred
White, David L
White, Debby
White, Elza
White, George
White, James
White, John R
White, Joseph
White, Rebecca
Widner, Alice
Widner, Elisabeth
Widner, Francis M
Widner, James
Wiley, Cynthia
Wiley, John
Wiley, Martha
Wiley, Mary E
Wiley, Rankin
Wiley, Thomas G
Williams, Albert
Williams, Amanda E
Williams, Eduard
Williams, Frances
Williams, James C
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Lorinda
Williams, Mary A
Williams, Nancy
Williams, Polly
Williams, Sarah
Williams, Sarah E
Williams, Stephen
Williams, W. W.
Wilson, Charles H
Wilson, Ellen
Wilson, James F
Wilson, Mariah
Wilson, W. W.
Winemiller, Catharine
Winemiller, Clarinda
Winemiller, Jacob
Winemiller, John
Winemiller, Joseph
Winemiller, Lydia A
Wolf, Elisabeth
Wolf, Elza
Wolf, George W
Wolf, James D
Wolf, John P
Wolf, Margaret E
Wolf, Peter
Wolf, Rose A


X - Y - Z

Yates, Alice
Yates, Emma
Yates, Laura
Yates, Laura
Yentry, Julis
Young, Allen S
Young, Anderson
Young, Clara E
Young, Elisabeth
Young, George W
Young, Hiram
Young, Isaac A
Young, James M
Young, John M
Young, Lydia
Young, Martha J
Young, Nancy H
Young, Sarah R
Young, William M
Young, William Q
Young, William P
Zonta, Lajues
Zuerinin, Charles
Zuerinin, Francois
Zuerinin, Francoise



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