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1860 Census of
Adair County, Iowa


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1860 Census of Adair County, IA
transcribed by Larry Kinyon

There are 27 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Adams, Wm
Ammon, John
Ammon, Marion
Ammon, Nancy
Antrim, Barbara
Antrim, Ella J
Antrim, John
Antrim, Joseph
Arlege, Benj F
Arlege, Isaac
Arlege, James W
Arlege, Jesse A
Arlege, Sarah P
Armstrong, Celia
Armstrong, Charles B
Armstrong, S W
Atter, Emeline
Atter, Emma
Atter, Esther
Atter, Henry
Atter, Jerusha
Augustine, Anna
Augustine, Catharine
Augustine, Christian
Augustine, Frances M
Augustine, Henry
Augustine, Henry
Augustine, Henry Jr
Augustine, Jacob
Augustine, Jacob
Augustine, John
Augustine, John
Augustine, Margaret
Augustine, Mary
Augustine, Mary
Augustine, P. J.
Augustine, Phebe
Augustine, Philip
Augustine, Philippa
Augustine, Rigu
Augustine, Robert
Augustine, Rosena
Augustine, Samuel A
Augustine, Sarah E
Austin, Amanda
Austin, Charles E
Austin, Martha A



Bagg, Parris
Bagg, Wm G
Bally, Christine
Bally, Jacob
Barnes, Cornelia
Barrow, Prentice
Barrow, Simon
Beaver, Adam
Bennett, C N
Bennett, Dridama
Bennett, Huldah
Bennett, James G
Bennett, Sylvester
Berks, Laasse
Bevercamp, Charles
Bevercamp, Elisabeth
Bevercamp, Jane
Bevercamp, Mary
Bish, Mary
Bish, Stephen
Black, Charles
Black, James
Black, Robert
Black, Wm J
Blasier, Alfred
Bornes, Alvah
Bornes, Andrew
Bornes, Elisabeth
Bornes, John
Bornes, Mary
Bornes, William
Boyd, John
Boyd, Sarah
Bradley, Elisa
Bradley, Ellen
Bradley, James
Bradley, James
Bradley, John
Bradley, Nancy
Bradley, Robert
Bradley, Thomas
Brainard, Charles
Brainard, Cora
Brainard, Henry
Brainard, Therese A.
Brainard, Wm. G.
Brainard, Wm. H.
Brewer, Benj F
Brewer, Elisabeth
Brewer, Euphinai
Brewer, James A
Brewer, John W
Brewer, Mary
Brewer, Permelia
Brewer, Sarah J
Brewer, Wilson
Brooks, Gilbert
Bruce, A.
Bruce, Barbara
Bruce, Catharine
Bruce, Jacob, Jr
Buna, Elisabeth
Buna, James
Buna, Milo
Buna, Sevilla
Bush, Ann
Bush, James
Bush, Rose May
Butler, Anna



Cade, Catharine
Cade, Charlotte
Cade, Enos
Cade, Isaac
Cade, Isaac
Cade, Jane
Cade, Lucinda
Cade, Martha
Cade, Mary
Campbell, Emeline
Campbell, Howard
Campbell, James
Campbell, James A
Campbell, Susanna
Cears, Annett
Cears, Frederick
Cears, Furlinda
Cears, John
Cears, John W.
Cears, Joseph H.
Cears, Wm. P.
Champlin, Melissa
Champlin, R W
Clark, *nsaelen
Clark, Alfred
Clark, Allen
Clark, Austin
Clark, Esther
Clark, Ezekiel
Clark, Irwin
Clark, John M
Clark, Lester
Clark, Lucy A
Clark, Mary
Clark, Mary
Clark, Mathew
Clark, Sarah J
Clark, Wealthy
Clark, Welcome
Cook, Alice
Cook, Charles
Cook, Elizabeth
Cook, Esther
Cook, Henry
Cook, Levi
Cook, Martin
Corr, Augustus
Corr, Cordelia
Corr, Curtes J
Corr, F M
Corr, Mary C
Corr, Nancy
Corr, Wm
Crane, Catharine
Crane, D. M.
Crane, J Mulford
Crane, Mary A
Crittenden, Henry
Crittenden, Julia
Crittenden, Julia
Crittenden, Myron
Crow, David
Crow, Martha J
Crow, Mary
Crow, Samuel



Davis, Abigail
Davis, Andrew
Davis, Anna
Davis, Benjamin *
Davis , Ebenezer
Davis, Edney
Davis, Emily
Davis, Estella
Davis , Increase S
Davis, Isaac
Davis, Jane
Davis, John
Davis, John
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Mariam
Davis, Marietta
Davis, Melissa
Davis , Nancy C
Davis, Philander
Davis, Polly
Davis, Richard
Davis, Robert
Davis , Thomas A
Davis, Wm. W
Day, Charles
Day, Elisa
Day, Elisha
Day, Norris
Day, Phebe
Dillon, John
Dillon, Mary
Dillon, Mary Ann
Dillon, Patrick
Dillon, Rose
Dillon, Thomas
Dirman, Mary
Doud, Catharin
Doud, Ellen
Doud, James
Doud, Margaret
Doud, Mary
Doud, Ony
Doud, Thomas
Drake, Emily
Drake, Henrietta
Drake, John
Drake, Julius
Drake, Manning
Drake, Mary
Dugan, Daniel
Dunlop, Catharin
Dunlop, Charles
Dunlop, George
Dunlop, Joseph
Dunlop, Mary Luann
Duttin, S S



Easton, Caroline
Easton, Dorcas
Easton, Ella A
Easton, Hannah
Easton, John
Easton, John
Easton, Mary
Easton, Mary E
Easton, Mary Jane
Easton, Ruth
Easton, Stephen
Easton, Wm H
Eaton, Alexander
Eaton, Ann
Eaton, Clara
Eaton, Julia A
Eaton, Mary
Eaton, Nancy
Eaton, Robert L
Eaton, Theodore
Elliott, Eugene
Elliott, George
Elliott, Hellen
Elliott, Josephine
Elliott, Lee
Elliott, Levi C
Elliott, Mary
Elliott, Mary J
Evens, Evan
Evens, John
Evens, Mary
Ewing, Angeline
Ewing, Edward
Ewing, Elizabeth
Ewing, Herbert C
Ewing, James S
Ewing, Margaret
Ewing, Mary A
Ewing, Mary E
Ewing, Robert
Ewing, Sarah M
Ewing, Thomas
Ewing, Winfield



Fas****o, Anna
Fas****o, James H
Finney, Alonzo
Finney, Christina
Finney, Diadama
Finney, Electa
Finney, Eloise J
Finney, John W
Finney, Lorenzo
Finney, Matilda
Finney, Nelson
Finney, Ruhama
Finney, Ruhama
Finney, Sarah
Fleming, Anthony W
Fleming, Arminda
Fleming, Hannah
Fleming, James P
Fleming, Joseph
Folwell, G R
Friend, Brice
Friend, Ellen
Friend, Ephrain
Friend, Marshall
Friend, Miles B
Friend, Rachel
Friend, Wm A



Garner, Elisabeth
Garner, Elisabeth
Garner, Henry
Garner, Laban
Garner, Peter
Garner, Samuel
Garner, Shelby
Garner, Shelby
Garret, Emma B
Garret, Sarah J
Garret, Soloman
Garrine, Luther
Gerken, Christian
Gerken, Harmon
Gerken, John
Gerken, Margarett
Gerken, Metta
Gibbs, Gertrude
Gibbs, Hanson
Gibbs, James C
Gibbs, Josephine
Gibbs, Justus
Gibbs, Milo
Gibbs, Ozcar
Gibbs, Phebe L
Gibbs, Sally
Gift, Albert
Gift, Alden J
Gift, Eveline
Gift, Isaac
Gift, John H
Gift, Julius S
Gift, Robert F
Gilman, James S
Glossop, Sarah
Greer, A. I.
Greer, Arlinda
Greer, Elisabeth
Greer, James
Greer, John
Greer, Martha
Greer, Nancy
Greer, Sarah
Greer, Sophia
Greer, Zachary
Grimm, Anna
Grimm, George
Grimm, George
Grimm, Henry
Grimm, Lewis
Grimm, Margarett
Grolff, Helene



Hall, Emma
Hall, Isaac M
Hall, Laura
Hall, Sarah E
Hall, W B
Hardesty, Martha J
Hardesty, Washington
Harris, Betsey
Harris, Henry
Harris, Joseph
Harris, Judson
Harris, Lydia A
Harris, Olive C
Hendricks, Martha
Hendricks, Wm H
Henning, Henry
Henning, Katie L.
Henning, Nicholas
Hillman, James
Hillman, Nancy
Hoch, Isaac
Hogan, Robert
Hornback, Emily
Hornback, George W
Hornback, James
Hornback, Lucretia D
Horner, Elmira
Horner, Oliver
Horner, Permelia
Horner, Wm.
Horner, Zimn



Ireland, Almyra
Ireland, Almyra
Ireland, Clarrissa
Ireland, George
Ireland, J L
Ireland, John
Ireland, Levi
Ireland, Mary
Ireland, Robert
Ireland, Susannah
Ireland, Valentine
Ireland, Wm.



Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, Elisa
Jenkins, Ambrose
Jenkins, Coleman
Jenkins, James M
Jenkins, John I
Jenkins, Lucina
Jenkins, Melinda J
Jenkins, Rebecca
Jenkins, Rua M
Jenning, Gustabus
Jewitt, Delia B
Johnson, Amanda
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Cynthia
Johnson, Eliza
Johnson, Elmore
Johnson, Emma J.
Johnson, Felix
Johnson, Frances M
Johnson, Ida L
Johnson, Isaac N
Johnson, Jerome
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, Josephine
Johnson, Mary E
Johnson, Minerva
Johnson, Rachel
Johnson, Rosanne
Johnson, Sarah E
Johnson, Thomas M
Johnson, Thomas W
Johnson, Willard
Johnson, Wm. P.
Jones, Alfred
Jones, Alfred
Jones, Alfred, Jr.
Jones, Benj.
Jones, Benj. F
Jones, Cynthia
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, George W
Jones, I H
Jones, Joshua
Jones, Nancy
Jones, Polly Ann
Jones, Stephen
Jones, Thomas



Kendrick, Samuel
Kensinger, Henry
Key, Fielden
Key, Nancy E
Key, Rhoda Ann
Key, Sarah E
Key, Susan
Kidd, Ellen
Kidd, Wm.
Kilbourne, G F
Kilbourne, Jennie A.
King, Albert
King, Isabel
King, J B
King, Olive
King, Wm



Landen, Mary
Lane, Albert
Lee, Martha
Leeper, J J
Leeper, Leicester
Leeper, Mahala
Leeper, Mary *
Lents, Elisabeth
Lents, George
Lents, Isaac
Lents, Jacob
Lents, John
Lewis, Augustus D
Lewis, Benj
Lewis, Elisa
Lewis, Frances
Lewis, John D
Lewis, M Sophie
Lewis, Margaret
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary Ann
Li*er, Eb**
Littleton, Abner
Littleton, Adam
Littleton, Kate
Louks, David W
Louks, Hannah
Louks, John
Louks, Lydia F
Louks, Theophilus
Louks, Vashti
Lovelace, Mary
Lucas, Delilah
Lucas, Joseph
Lucas, Margarett
Lucas, Martha
Lucas, Mary
Lucas, Polly
Lucas, Soloman
Lucas, Thomas



Mallory, Eli H
Mallory, May
Mallory, Oscar E
Malloy, Fanny
Malloy, Samanth
Malloy, Sylvenas
Malloy, Willard
Mapes, Arthur W
Mapes, Benj.
Mapes, Charles W
Mapes, Emanuel S
Mapes, George W
Mapes, John F
Mapes, John W
Mapes, Mary Ann
Mapes, Rebecca
Martin, Adriana
Martin, Amanda
Martin, Burris
Martin, John W.
Martin, Marilda
Martin, Marshall
Martin, Melvin
Martin, Mianda
Martin, Miner
Mason, Alice
Mason, Wm
Mather, Eliza
Mather, J
Maxwell, Wm. B
McBee, David H
McBee, James
McBee, Jane
McBee, John W
McBee, Larisa H
McBee, Luetta C
McCafferty, Letitim
McCafferty, Marian
McCafferty, Wm
McCall, Arminda J
McCall, Caroline
McCall, Elijah
McCall, Elijah W
McCall, Elisabeth
McCall, Emeline
McCall, Franklin
McCall, Harriet
McCall, Hugh M
McCall, James
McCall, James H
McCall, James S
McCall, John
McCall, John S
McCall, Joseph
McCall, Martha
McCall, Mary
McCall, Mary
McCall, Mary
McCall, Polly Ann
McCall, Rice
McCall, Sarah
McCall, Sarah L
McCall, Vian
McClure, Adaline
McClure, Burgess
McClure, Caroline
McClure, David
McClure, James H
McClure, Louisa
McClure, Mary Ann
McClure, Ruhama
McClure, Simon M
McClure, Thomas
McClure, Thomas J
McCune, James M.
McCune, John D.
McCune, Martha J
McCune, Mary E
McCune, Nancy E.
McCune, Samuel H.
McDonald, Charles
McDonald, Emily
McDonald, Martha J
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Wm
McDougal, Ann L
McDougal, David
McDougal, James
McKensie, Amanda
McKensie, Cynthia J
McKensie, Hefriann
McKensie, Irantha
McKensie, John W
McKensie, Sarah Ann
Miller, *ar*il**
Miller, Abraham
Miller, Arminda
Miller, Benton
Miller, Charles H
Miller, Clinton
Miller, Corwin
Miller, Elisabeth
Miller, Emmett
Miller, Franklin
Miller, George
Miller, Hannah J
Miller, James H
Miller, Lemuel J
Miller, Maria
Miller, Sarah
Miller, Sarah
Miller, Snedken
Miller, Susan
Mills , Mary
Mills , Milton
Minert, Benj.
Minert, Mary E
Minert, Sarah
Moore, David
Morse, Frances
Morse, Laretter
Morse, T M
Murphy, Amelia
Murphy, Daniel
Murphy, Harrison
Murphy, Henry
Murphy, James
Murphy, John
Murphy, Margaret
Murphy, Martha
Murphy, Maryann
Murphy, Perry
Murphy, Porter F
Murphy, Rachel
Murphy, Riley
Murphy, Robert
Murphy, Robert S
Murphy, Sarah Jane
Murphy, Sim
Murphy, Susan
Murphy, Thomas
Murphy, Wm
Myers, Elizabeth
Myers, Hamilton B
Myers, Isaac
Myers, Jacob L
Myers, James A
Myers, John J
Myers, Lizzie
Myers, Samuel H
Myers, Wm B



Neese, Charlotte Neese, John Neese, Rachel


P - Q

Pace, Lucy Ann
Pace, Mary M
Pace, Wm H
Parr, Nancy
Perry, Candice A.
Perry, Green
Phillips, Wm.
Pierce, J R
Pierce, Ruth
Platt, Abram
Platt, Eliza Ann
Platt, George
Platt, John W.
Platt, Matilda
Platt, Wilson S
Pryor, Charles
Pryor, Emmet
Pryor, Mathew
Pryor, S W
Pryor, Sarah F
Pryor, Wm
Pugh, Adonijah
Pugh, Charlotte
Pugh, Jacob



Rains, Agnes
Rains, Elizabeth
Rains, George
Rains, Isaac
Rains, John
Rains, Lavina
Rains, Louisa
Rains, Nancy
Rains, Thomas W
Rawlings, Elisa Ann
Rawlings, James R
Rawlings, Mary Jane
Rawlings, Thomas
Rhinard, Alonzo
Rhinard, Elisabeth
Rhinard, Fremont
Rhinard, Jerry
Rhinard, Larty
Rhinard, Lucinda
Rhinard, Steven
Rich, J S
Roberts, Clarissa
Roberts, Eli
Roberts, Elisa
Roberts, Franklin
Roberts, James
Roberts, James A
Roberts, John
Roberts, Mina
Roberts, Nancy
Roberts, Nancy
Roberts, Sarah
Roberts, Thomas
Roger, Mary
Rogers, Fannin
Rogers, George
Rogers, Henry
Rogers, Martha
Rogers, Sidney
Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, Victor
Root, Abner
Root, Almyra
Root, Azariah
Root, Myra
Rose, D Matt
Rose, Elvira
Ross, A J
Ross, David F
Ross, Martha
Ross, Rachel
Ru**, Abram



Sage, Philo G
Salsbury, Columbus
Salsbury, Cyrus
Salsbury, George
Salsbury, Minerva
Salsbury, Nancy
Salsbury, Rebecca
Salsbury, Samuel
Salsbury, Wm H
Schaum, Caroline
Schaum, Hannah
Schaum, Henry
Schaum, John
Schaum, Margaret
Schaum, Rinehart
Schaum, Wm
Sheares, Barbara
Sheares, Caroline
Sheares, Huldah
Sheares, John
Sheares, Lily B
Sheares, Mary J
Sheares, Sylvester
Sherer, Cyrene
Sherer, Rosanna
Sherer, Sine
Sherer, Wm S
Shoemaker, Alice
Shoemaker, Eli
Shoemaker, Eliza
Shoemaker, Francis
Shoemaker, George
Shoemaker, Hiram
Shoemaker, Margaret
Shoemaker, Mari**
Shoemaker, Wm
Shoemaker, Wm
Short, Benj F
Short, Columbus *
Short, Elisabeth
Short, George W
Short, John R
Short, Mary Ann
Short, Mary Jane
Shreves, Jonathan
Sickles, George
Sickles, Sarah Ann
Smith, A J
Smith, Amanda
Smith, Anna
Smith, Charles
Smith, Clara
Smith, D L
Smith, Elisabeth
Smith, Sarah E
Smith, Spicy
Smith, Taylor
Smith, Thompson
Snodgrass, Eleanor
Snodgrass, Robert
Sparks, Almyra
Sparks, Barnilt
Sparks, Charles E
Standly, Arion
Standly, Harriet
Standly, James
Standly, Lucina
Standly, Sarah M
Stanley, Sarah
Stewart, Delilah
Stewart, Ira J
Stewart, Mary D
Stewart, Sarah A
Stewart, William S
Stickle, Cindrilla
Stickle, Constantine
Stickle, Earnest
Stickle, George
Stickle, Henrietta
Stickle, Hunter
Stickle, Joseph E
Stickle, Josephine
Stickle, Peter
Stickle, Ralph
Stickle, Rebecca
Stickle, Valentine
Stickle, William
Stinman, Anna
Stinman, Johanna
Stinman, John H
Stinman, John J
Stinman, Louisa
Stinman, Wesley J
Sullivan, Draper F
Sullivan, Elijah B
Sullivan, Gustene
Sullivan, James *
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, John B
Sullivan, John P
Sullivan, John R
Sullivan, Manoah S
Sullivan, Margaret J
Sullivan, Margaret J
Sullivan, Mary Jane
Sullivan, Milly
Sullivan, Rachel
Sullivan, Sarah
Sullivan, Sarah Ann
Sullivan, Sarah E
Sullivan, Sarah E
Sullivan, Titus
Sullivan, William
Sullivan, William P



Tate, John
Tate, Thomas
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, John
Taylor, Julia
Taylor, N. S.
Taylor, Naomi
Taylor, Naomi J.
Thomas, Cassa
Thomas, Elisabeth
Thomas, Elisabeth
Thomas, George W
Thomas, Peggy Ann
Thomas, Sarah
Thomas, Simon
Thomas, Soloman G
Thomas, Wm
Thomas, Wm B
Thompson, Adelpert
Thompson, Andrew
Thompson, Andrew J
Thompson, Catharine
Thompson, Hannah
Thompson, Hannah
Thompson, Hannah J
Thompson, Henry
Thompson, James
Thompson, John
Thompson, Margarett
Thompson, Melissa
Thompson, Polly
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Samuel
Thompson, Sarah
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, Thomas S
Todd, John W
Todd, Minerva
Toler, Elias B
Toler, Hardin
Toler, Harvey
Toler, James
Toler, James E
Toler, John B
Toler, Luana J
Tucker, Ellen



Underwood, A*om
Underwood, Artesia
Underwood, Jane
Underwood, Kesiah
Underwood, Lewis
Underwood, Sanford
Underwood, Wesley



Valentine, Ellen
Valentine, James K
Valentine, John W
Valentine, Wm
Vance, Cale L
Vance, Mary A
Vance, S C
Vincent, Angeline
Vincent, David
Vincent, Philene



Wallace, Mary
Walters, Christopher
Walton, Andrew
Walton, Ida
Walton, John
Walton, Lavina
Wash**n, Roderick
Whipple, C Henry
White, Frances
White, George
White, Harriet A
White, J Edith
White, John H
White, Joseph
White, Patience
White, Rebecca F
Wight, Amanda
Wight, Charles
Wight, George
Wight, John
Wight, Mary
Wight, Mary L
Williams, Rachel
Wilson, Catharine
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Charles L
Wilson, Charlotte
Wilson, Elisa
Wilson, Elisabeth
Wilson, Emily
Wilson, Emily C
Wilson, Flora E
Wilson, George
Wilson, George B
Wilson, Hugh W
Wilson, James R
Wilson, Jennete A
Wilson, Jeremiah
Wilson, John
Wilson, John
Wilson, L J
Wilson, Lewis
Wilson, Margarett
Wilson, Martha
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Mary A
Wilson, Mary Ann
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Sarah
Wilson, Sarah A
Wilson, Sarah Ann
Wilson, Seth
Wilson, Susan
Wilson, Thomas
Wilson, Vance Isaac
Wilson, Webster
Wilson, Willie H
Wilson, Wm B
Wilson, Wm H
Wilson, Wm S
Wilson, Wm.
Winkley, John S
Winkley, Luther
Winn, Eveline
Winn, Franklin
Winn, Lorenso
Winn, Phebe
Winn, Wm. M
Wittemeyer, Anna K
Wittemeyer, George


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