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History of Adair
County, Iowa, 1915.

Biographical.  Volume 2.


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Conway Brothers.

Frank and Ernest D. Conway, farmers and stockmen, are well known in Walnut township, where their progressive business methods have won them substantial success.  They are sons of William and Emma (Gabbert) Conway.  The father, a native of Pennsylvania, is of Scotch lineage.  He took up the occupation of farming and at the close of the Civil war removed to eastern Iowa, but afterward became a resident of Turner county, South Dakota, where he secured a claim, upon which he resided until he removed to Madison county, Iowa.  The year 1894 witnessed his arrival in Adair county, at which time he purchased land in Walnut township, where he has since made his home, being identified with agricultural pursuits through all the interim to the present time.  He wedded Emma Gabbert, a native of eastern Iowa, who in her childhood accompanied her parents on their removal to Madison county, this state, where she grew to womanhood.  She died in Walnut township in 1902 and her death ws the occasion of deep regret to many friends.  Since coming to Adair county Mr. Conway has retired from active farm life, turning over the care of his fields to his sons.  He is numbered among the highly respected residents of Walnut township, enjoying the warm regard of the great majority of those with whom he has been brought in contact.  His family numbered four children, of whom the eldest, Mary, died at thirteen years.  The youngest, Fay Vivian, is at home with her father. 

Frank Conway, the senior partner in the firm of Conway Brothers, was born in Turner county, South Dakota, on the 29th of June, 1876, and attended school in Madison and Adair counties.  In the periods of vacation he had ample training in farm work, so that he was qualified to assume responsibilities of that character when he attained his majority.  He and his brother remained at home and managed the home farm, which they rented for five years.  On the expiration of that period Frank Conway, in partnership with his brother Ernest, purchased one hundred and twenty acres of land on section 25, Walnut township, and that tract they also cultivated for five years.  In 1908 they traded it for one hundred and sixty acres, upon which they took up their abode, and they have since lived upon this place, which is situated on section 29, Walnut township.

Ernest D. Conway was born in Madison county, Iowa, September 7, 1879, attended the district schools of that locality and has spent the greater part of his life upon the home farm with his father.  He has been an equal partner with his brother in all of their dealings and the Conway brothers are today known throughout Adair county as successful breeders of Shire horses.  They began the breeding business in 1910 and for this purpose purchased the English imported Shire stallion, Moulton Bell Ringer, No. 11794 (27981).  This animal is still in stud at the Conway Brothers farm.  In the fall of 1914 they bought the Shire stallion, Dunsby Friar, No. 10682 (26148).  The Conway brothers also breed high grade shorthorn cattle and Poland China hogs and are numbered among the foremost breeders and stock feeders of this part of the state.  Frank Conway has made a study of scientific breeding and each year he pursues a course in the Graham Scientific Breeding College of Kansas City, Missouri.  Following progressive methods, he has secured excellent results and the business is now a very satisfactory and profitable one.

On the 30th of November, 1913, Frank Conway ws married to Miss Virginia M. Handley, a daughter of John and Elizabeth (Hanna) Handley.  The father, a native of Breenbrier county, Virginia, was a farmer by occupation and when about twelve years of age became a resident of Cedar county, Iowa, where he followed farming until 1894.  He then removed to Adair county, where he engaged in general agricultural pursuits, residing upon a farm in Walnut township until his death, which occurred December 1, 1902.  His widow now makes her home with her children.  In the Handley household were three daughters and a son:  Clara, now the wife of Walter Nolan;  Nora Blanche, the wife of Sidney Woodson;  Virginia Marietta, now Mrs. Conway;  and Herbert McClelland, living in Greenfield.

The Conway brothers are stalwart advocates of the republican party and its principles and Frank Conway served for one term as constable, but they prefer to devote all of their time and attention to their business affairs, which, capably managed, are bringing to them most gratifying success.  They stand as leaders in their line and in their business undertakings readily discriminate between the essential and the nonessential.  Their course has been marked by steady progression and in all their business career there has been nothing sinister and nothing to conceal.



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