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History of Guthrie and
Adair Counties, Iowa, 1884

Table of Contents.


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Table of Contents

Title Page and Preface

Table of Contents

History of Iowa

History of Guthrie County

History of Adair County


Chapter II.  THE BEGINNING.  Early Settlement.  First Items.

Chapter III.  PIONEER LIFE.  Early Manners and Customs.  Character of the Pioneers.  Snakes.  Wolf Hunting.  Snakes.  Agriculture.  Religion.


Chapter V.  POLITICAL.  (1856-1864) || (1865-1871) || (1872-1877) || (1878-1883)

Chapter VI.  NATIONAL, STATE AND COUNTY REPRESENTATION.  Congressional.  Member General Assembly.  County Judge.  County Auditor.  County Treasurer.  Recorder.  Sheriff.  Drainage Commissioners.  Coroners.

Chapter VII.  Reminiscences.  Early Times in Fontanelle.  Panther.  By. S. W. Pryor.  By "An Old Settler."  By Abner Sisson.

Chapter VIII.  OTHER OFFICIAL MATTERS.  Population of Adair County.  Civil Townships.  Marriages.  Town Plats.


Chapter X.  COURTS OF ADAIR COUNTY.  District Court.  Circuit Court.  County Court.  Criminal Cases.

Chapter XI.  THE BAR OF ADAIR COUNTY.  The Bar of the Past.  The Bar of the Present.

Chapter XII.  THE MEDICAL PROFESSION.  Physicians of the Present.


Chapter XIV.  EDUCATIONAL.  School Fund Commissioner.  County Superintendent.

Chapter XV.  JOURNALISM IN ADAIR COUNTY.  Adair County Register.  Adair County Reporter.  The Adair Reflector.  The Greenfield Transcript.  Fontanelle Observer.  The Adair News.  The Weekly Review.


Chapter XVII.  ADAIR COUNTY IN THE WAR.  Fourth Infantry.  Tenth Infantry.  Twenty-ninth Infantry.  Roll of Honor.  Forty-seventh Infantry.  Second Veteran Cavalry.  Ninth Cavalry.  Fourth Cavalry.

Chapter XVIII.  GREENFIELD TOWNSHIP AND CITY.  Early Settlement.  Hotel.  Mills.  Elevator.  Little Jay Creamery.  First Items.  Incorporation.  Post-office.  Educational.  Religious Matters.  Societies.  Cornet Band.  Militia.

Chapter XIX.  SUMMERSET TOWNSHIP.  Settlement.  First Things.  Organic.  Educational.  FONTANELLE.  Business Interests.  Banks.  Mill.  Hotels.  Municipal.  Independent School District.  Societies.


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